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                              Important Battles in the Indian History

1. 1st battle of Tarain--1191-- Prithviraj Chauhan defeated Mohammed Ghori
2. 2nd battle of Tarain--1192-- Mohammad Ghori defeated Prithviraj Chauhan
3. 1st battle of Panipat--1526-- Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodi
4. Battle of Khanwa--1527-- Babur defeated Rana Sunga further strengthening his foothold in India.
5. Battle of Ghaghra--1529-- Babur defeated Mahmud Lodi and Sultan Nusrat Shah thus establishing Mughal rule in India.
6. 2nd battle of Panipat--1556-- Akbar defeated Hemu
7. 3rd battle of Panipat--1761-- Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated the Marathas
8. Battle of Talikota--1565-- Deccan Sultanates defeated the glorious Vijayanagar empire
9. Battle of Haldighati--1576-- Undecisive battle between Raja Man Singh of Mughal Army and Rana Pratap of Mewar.
10. Battle of Plassey--1757-- British defeated Siraj-ud-duala with the help of Mir Zafar. This battle laid the foundation of British empire in India.
11. Battle of Wandiwash--1760-- British decisively defeated the French in India. The Seven years war (1756 - 1763) between the British and the French in Europe ran parallel to this war. 3 Carnatic wars were fought between the British and the French and this battle was a part of the 3rd Carnatic War.
12. Battle of Buxar--1764-- British defeated the combined forces of Mir Qasim, Shuja-ud-duala (Nawab of Oudh) and Shah Alam II(Mughal emperor). This completed the work began by the battle of Plassey.
13. Battle of Samugarh--1658-- Aurangzeb defeated Dara Shikoh.
14. Battle of Karnal--1739-- Nadir Shah defeated Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah.

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