Measuring Devices

• Accelerometer— Accelerations
• Actinometer— Heating Power Of Sunlight
• Alcoholmeter— Alcoholic Strength Of Liquids.
• Altimeter— Altitude
• Ammeter— Electric Current
• Anemometer— Windspeed
• Evaporimeter— Rate Of Evaporation
• Audiometer— Hearing
• Barkometer— Tanning Liquors Used In Tanning Leather
• Barometer— Air Pressure
• Bettsometer— Integrity Of Fabric Coverings On Aircraft
• Bevameter— Mechanical Properties Of Soil
• Bolometer— Electromagnetic Radiation
• Breathalyzer— Breath Alcohol Content
• Caliper— Distance
• Calorimeter— Heat Of Chemical Reactions
• Cathetometer— Vertical Distances
• Ceilometer— Height Of A Cloud Base
• Chronometer— Or Clock Time
• Clap-O-Meter— Volume Of Applause
• Colorimeter— Colour
• Creepmeter— Slow Surface Displacement Of An Active Geologic Fault In The Earth
• Declinometer— Magnetic Declination
• Densimeter— Specific Gravity Of Liquids
• Densitometer— Degree Of Darkness In Photographic Or Semitransparent Material
• Diffractometer— Structure Of Crystals
• Dilatometer— Volume Changes Caused By A Physical Or Chemical Process
• Disdrometer— Size, Speed, And Velocity Of Raindrops
• Dosimeter— Exposure To Hazards, Especially Radiation
• Elaeometer— Specific Gravity Of Oils
• Electrometer— Electric Charge
• Eudiometer— Change In Volume Of A Gas Mixture Following Combustion
• Evaporimeter— Rate OfbEvaporation
• Fathometer— Ocean Depth
• Galvanometer— Electricity
• Gas Pycnometer —VolumebAnd Density Of Solids
• Graphometer— Angles
• Heliometer— Variation Of ThebSun's Diameter
• Hydrometer— Specific Gravity Of Liquids (Density Of Liquids)
• Hygrometer— Humidity
• Inkometer— Ink
• Interferometer— Wave Interference

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