Sentence Completion Online Test 1

                                Sentence Completion Online Test 1

Q.1) You must ensure the correctness of the information before ...
A. enabling
B. drawing
C. learning
D. jumping

Q.2) The wasted all the money on purchase of some .... items.
A. trivial
B. important
C. significant
D. excellent

Q.3) The rocket .... the target and did not cause any casualty.
A. sensed
B. missed
C. reached
D. exploded

Q.4) He has served the country by .... many significant positions.
A. holding
B. creating
C. appointing
D. developing

Q.5) The frequent errors are a result of student's ....
A. talent
B. smartness
C. perception
D. carelessness

Q.6) The robbers eventually .... in breaking into the house.
A. caught
B. decided
C. succeeded
D. trained

Q.7) Most of the people who .... the book exhibition were teachers.
A. attended
B. presented
C. witnessed
D. conducted

Q.8) I usually perform .... when nobody is watching me.
A. alone
B. good
C. hard
D. better

Q.9) I would rather say indoors .... the rain stops.
A. until
B. so
C. waiting
D. watching

Q.10) The researchers will .... some of the cause of increasing poverty in the state.
A. found
B. circulate
C. investigate
D. promote

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